Sunday, December 2, 2012

21 Questions Hair Tag!!!

 21 Questions Hair Tag!!!!

Hello everyone out there. I know it's been a while but I'm back and this post is a 21 Questions Tag. I was tagged by Kim at FancyFlairLady and when I saw my blog's name in her tag, I was giddy as a schoolgirl. Instead of picking bloggers to tag, I am tagging everyone of my wonderful readers to take a shot at this tag. I did this about two years ago but of course time and answers have changed, so without further ado....

1. Why did you start taking better care of your hair? I started taking care of my hair after having my daughter and all the post partum shedding that comes with it. I wanted hair that was healthy and long.
2. What are your 2 favorite products? GVP Humectress Conditioner and Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-In Conditioner
3. Who's hair did you admire as a child? Aaliyah!! I used to get sew ins to look like her lol.
4. What is your ultimate goal length? APL or BSB. It used to be waist length but I'm re-evaluating that goal.
5. How are you going to celebrate when you reach it? With lots of pictures including action shots of me swinging it around.
6. Two styles you want to try at your goal length? One will definitely be a high pony tail and the other perhaps a "big" bun.
7. Which do you prefer: Health or length?
Health because without health there is no length.
8. Which do you prefer: Hair ties with no metal parts, or butterfly clips? Hair ties with no metal parts
9. What products do you prefer: salon brands, organic brands, BSS brands or drugstore brands? Drugstore brands because they are easier to get a hold of.
10. Which product/technique do you think is over-rated?
GHE. I tried it and hated it. My hair felt like I got it wet under the shower head. Never again.
11. Which product/technique do you think is under-rated? Doing things in sections like moisturizing and sealing because to me, it makes sure that I get all of my hair instead of slathering on product and hoping for the best.
12. What is your favorite part of your hair regimen? Deep conditioning. I love mixing oils and the feeling my hair gets after I rinse it out is amazing.
13. What is the most annoying part of your hair regimen? Detangling my hair. I hate it because I always get paranoid about the amount of hair that's coming out.
14. Oils or butters? Oils.
15. Bun or ponytail? Bun.
16. Wig or weave (or neither)? Both. Can I say both?
17. What is your opinion on growth aids? They can either be a friend or foe. I think that sometimes too much is put into these growth aids. I think we have to understand that they won't transform one's hair from EL to Chaka Kahn overnight. (I credit my mom for the Chaka Kahn reference)
18. What length do you consider long? I consider SL long.
19. When is the last time you've been to a salon? November 30th for a deep conditioning and rollerset because I just wanted to be pampered.
20. What do you like to surf the most: youtube channels, personal blogs or hair forums? Personal blogs because I think they go more in depth about a hair journey than youtube or hair forums. Don't get me wrong I love youtube but sometimes you just want the meat of the journey without the posturing and posing that some youtubers give.
21. And finally, what piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out their hair journey?
Rome wasn't built in a day and your hair didn't grow in a day either. It takes time and work to reach your goals. If having Rapunzel hair was easy and came in a magic formula, we would all have hair to our bootys but the truth is that nothing will grow hair that long but patience, time, and a good regimen.


  1. Love the no.11! I sometimes forget to do that.

  2. I completely agree with number 11. It's so crucial especially when I get deep into a stretch. And I've never heard of GHD, but from the sound of your experience with it, I'm glad I haven't. Great Responses!