Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wash Day Before New Years

Hey everybody. Just wanted to drop by real quick and talk about my last wash day. Since I work nights and sleep during the day, I decided that I would try to make my wash day on the morning of my day off, so that after I'm done I can go to sleep and Lovey can watch the girls. My hair has been needing this because I start feeling like stuff is crawling in my hair if I forgo washing every week. So let's do it to it.

1. Clairfied my hair with Redken Cleansing Cream. I love this stuff so much now even though I have learned that I need to make the first round of cleaning work because when I use it a second go round my hair does feel a little too clean, if that makes sense.
2. Did a protein treatment using Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor for 5 minutes.
3. Deep conditioned with Silk Elements Cholesterol Conditioning Treatment. I know your saying "What? No GVP this go round?" Well not this time because in an attempt to get rid of stuff that I used maybe twice and then set to the side, I need to use everything I have before I start buying more stuff to try. I also used my new Hair Therapy Wrap that I bought as an early Christmas present. So far I like it, but I want to use it a few more times before I can give it a review.
4. Detangled my hair and applied Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea leave in.
5. Used Tresseme Heat Tamer spray and blow dried my hair on warm and low. After my hair dried, I applied IC Fantasia Heat Protecting Serum and flat ironed on medium heat using 1-2 passes. I know I said no heat until after the new year, but I was going out with my husband to a work function and I wanted to wear my hair down, so out with the flat iron it was.
6. Moisturized and sealed using NTM Leave-In and EVOO. The weather has been cold here in NC and I didn't want my EVCO freezing up on my strands. I'll probably use EVOO until the weather starts to warm up again.

Well that's it for my wash day. Next time I need to do a Black Tea or Green Tea rinse because I need to get my shedding under control. I also tried to go back to using Biotin but my face started breaking out something crazy and I couldn't have that. So back to the drawing board I go. I have been taking a multivitamin in the meantime and drinking plenty of H20. Thanks to everybody for reading and be sure to tune in for more from me.

Hugs and Kisses

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