Saturday, December 8, 2012

Working Night Shift and My Hair Journey

Hey everybody out there. I wanted to take the time right now to thank those who are stopping by my page if only for a second because it really means alot to me. Please feel free to follow my blog as I promise I have more postings in the works. Now on to the topic at hand. If you don't know, I have gone back to work as a correctional officer at a prison here in NC. However, I work the night shift. Let me tell you that it is a mess and a half because I have never worked night shift in any form. The one time I decided to work night shift was in 2006 when I was at the women's prison and that was because I wanted to make a little overtime money. After that one night of working it, I was worn and swore never to do it again. Well I had little choice in my shift assignment but I will say that the pay is good, but I can't wait until I am moved over to day shift because my body and mentality was not meant for being nocturnal. I know you are thinking "Okay Afton that's all well and good but what does that have to do with your hair journey?"

Well I'll tell you. It has made me kind of slack on it because I am used to doing my wash days at night or on days that Lovey is off (If you don't know Lovey is my husband). Well since we have the same days off, I am usually in the bed knocked out because I am so tired. Also due to our living situation, I haven't been able to really care for my hair the way I want to. I mean I love air drying but I'm to the point that I'm over it just a little and I would use my table top dryer but I don't know where I would use it at. Don't get me wrong I still try to wash my hair at least once a week but I feel like it's forced upon me especially with my schedule now. But fret not everybody because it just means that I have to adjust and adapt to everything around me now. Even though I really don't like air drying as much as I used to, it has been useful because it makes me protective style because I don't want to use direct heat and I don't want my hair all over the place, so 90% of the time my hair is in some sort of bun. So I can say that my situation is sort of a mixed blessing because since I am so tired to bother with styling my hair, I look to those low manipulation/protective styles that help me achieve length retention (which is one of my goals because I want to be APL by next year).

So what say all of you?

Has your job or schedule ever gotten in the way of your healthy hair journey? And if so, what have you done to get back on track?

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