Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hauling Hauling Hauling Spending Like I'm Balling

Hey everybody. I wanted to pop by real quick to talk about the stuff I bought off Amazon for my healthy hair journey. Yes ladies I say healthy because I have decided to take the plunge and transition to natural for real this time. I just realized that if I had stuck to my transition then I would be at one year post in a month or two. Also I tried to give people a chance with getting a relaxer put in my hair but I just can't deal anymore with the underprocessing and just paying out so much money for hair that I'm not truly happy with. However, I have always loved my new growth and to be honest I have never seen my natural texture because as long as I can remember my hair has been relaxed and if it was natural it was when I was younger and didn't care. There was a time in middle school when my hair was transitioning but it was not intentional. I had been getting braids because at one point I was terrified of relaxers because they always burned me and I was fed up. After getting braids for about a year, I started getting my hair pressed but I ended up asking for a relaxer and my hair got cut into some kind of shaggy mullet type style. When I find the pic I will post it because it is cute. Anyway back to the subject at hand which is the items I purchased which are:

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice
Jojoba Oil
Castor Oil
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Shea Butter

I bought these items because I really want to try the Kimmaytube leave in on my transitioning hair because from YouTube videos I have watched, this stuff is really the bees knees. As for the shea butter, I wanted to try it as a sealant and holding agent for my braid outs that I will be utilizing with my transition and I do want to add the oils and whip it up. Also the Aloe Vera Juice will be used as a spritz because the last thing I want is a lot of shedding during my transition. As the wonderful Sweet Brown says......
Well peeps. I'll check ya'll later and thanks for taking time out to read this.


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