Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm A Hair Criminal

Hey everybody. I know I know. Long time no write but when you have bronchitis and then a baby with an ear infection and sick relatives, the blog gets moved to the wayside. Anyway I'm here but my intentions today are to make a confession. As you all know I am going natural and right now I'm at about 17-18 weeks post. Well crazy me I decided that I wanted silky smooth straight swanging hair. Well I didn't want a relaxer so I decided to try the "next best thing" a Dominican Blow Out. All I can say now is what the hell was I thinking? High heat and lots of manipulation? Can you say buh bye thick hair? Well I can because ever since I went and got the blow out there has been shedding and breakage. Everything that I could have did wrong with my hair was done and I have no one to blame but myself. Now my buns are limp and lifeless and my hair still smells like it was burned. I'm going to wash tonight using the Mixed Chicks samples I got in February's Curl Kit and hope for the best but I think my big chop maybe coming sooner than I like because what is the point of holding on to burned hair that is causing more problems than it's worth? So there it is all out on the table. I would go in depth about my experience but it's best saved for another time because I'm using my iPhone to blog this and it's kind of annoying. So when I can get to a keyboard, I will be back with more.

Love and kisses


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