Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Long Overdue Update and I'm Going to Bloglovin

 Hey everybody. I know the last time y'all heard from me was back when I did my big chop and that was about 5 months ago. I have gone through so much, but I am back (for real this time) and I'm here to stay. I got my laptop back and will be doing my best to post more often (I won't promise, but seriously I will do my best). With that being said, I know you are wondering what has been going on with me and my hair.

My Poetic Justice Braids and my Twist Out

Well I'm still natural. September 11th with mark 5 months natural and believe me I have had my moments when I want to call my former stylist and tell her to put me in her book for a relaxer. I've had the itch to find one of those $35 relaxer spots and run in and just say "Do it before I change my mind!" However I'm sticking to it because of a promise I made to myself. I told myself I would give my natural hair a year and then decide my next course of action and by golly that's what I'm going to do. However just because I may not have reached for the "creamy crack" (tee hee that makes me giggle a little) that doesn't mean that I've been sticking to the tried and true TWA (teeny weeny Afro). Quite the contrary. After seeing that wash and go's are one way to really lose your mind as far as styling for hair I decided that I wanted "Poetic Justice" box braids. Lovey's friend and co worker's girlfriend is a stylist and home girl is the bomb! I didn't think that I had enough hair to hold my braids but she took one look at my TWA and said "Girl, I can hook you up". Hook me up she did. After 10 hours (it took that long because during the braiding I had to go get Hushpuppy and Dumpling from daycare and we both got hungry and ate). However in the end I had nearly hip length box braids that I loved loved loved. However I should say that I kept them in for only a month. Why so short of time I know you're wondering. Well for me working for the Division of Adult Corrections as a correctional officer, we have to adhere to a dress code and part of the dress code is that officers with long hair must keep it off the collar of our uniform. Also long hair can be a dangerous thing if an inmate got a hold of it. So I would put the braids up in a bun. However given the weight of the braids (which were not too tight), the bun would start to pull down on the braids and it would hurt my scalp. My scalp would only feel better when I took down the bun. So therefore I took the braids out and went back to my TWA.

After rocking some more wash and go's I decided that I should look into combating the shrinkage that my hair experiences. That's when I went into my stash of samples from my Curl Kit and Curl Box and used my Bel Nouvo Coco Castor Pudding and my Naturalista Juicy-Leave In. I used these products and created some twists in my hair and the next day released the twists into what I felt was a bomb twist-out. I had definition and stretch in my hair and was so excited. However I wanted to make sure that it was not a fluke, so I did another twist out using the Juicy Leave In sample again and again my hair was soft, moisturized, beautiful. I'll leave it at that because I don't want to go into a review but once I get a full sized product I will definitely leave my thoughts. I've also used ECO Custard in Olive Oil and Argan Oil in my twist outs and while there was definition, the moisture level was not there, but I'm not completely against using that product again.

Right now twist outs are all I am doing on my hair until I can decide what to do next with my hair. So far I am thinking about getting a sew-in to hide my hair, but I don't want to damage my hair in any way. So therefore if I decide that I really want to get the sew-in, I'll be preparing my hair and making sure all precautions are taken to prevent damage as much as possible.

So there you guys have it. Also I am moving my blog to Bloglovin because I see that everyone is doing it and I actually like Bloglovin, so it seems like the logical move. Feel free to follow me and don't be shy about passing the blog along to others. Thanks for sticking by me and Same Hair Different Head and I look forward to sharing my hair experiences with you all.

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