Monday, September 9, 2013

Even Hushpuppy Gets Her Hair Did

She wears a scarf when she feels like it.
Hey everybody. Today's posting is going to be about my little Hushpuppy. I know you are wondering why in the world I call my daughter Hushpuppy. Well it goes back to a movie called "Beasts of the Southern Wild". If you have not seen it, I suggest that you do because it is awesome times 100. In the movie, the main character is a six year old girl named Hushpuppy. Yes that is her name, not a nickname, it is her real name. Well anyway my mother is the one who told me about the movie and she told me that the girl looked just like Justine. Well when I saw the movie and saw her facial expressions and mannerisms, I said "Oh yeah that is Justine alright!" So I started calling Justine "Hushpuppy" and the rest is history. On the other hand Justine doesn't really care for the nickname. In fact when I do call her Hushpuppy, she puts her hands on her hips and says, "I'm not food!" But it doesn't matter because she will always be my little Hushpuppy. Anyway she is three going on four and as you can imagine, she is a handful. However, one thing that she and I enjoy is doing her hair. I would say that her hair is in the 4s range and boy does it shrink! It's what I would describe as "spongy" and soft. So I know you're also wondering does Hushpuppy have a regimen. Well yes and no. It's not a tried and true detailed regimen, but I do have things that I do to her hair to keep up with an active preschooler.

Hushpuppy's Typical Washday

1. I shampoo her hair with Just For Me Hair Milk shampoo. I received this shampoo in the mail because I signed up to be a Curlbox insider. While the shampoo does contain sulfates, it makes Hushpuppy's hair manageable and I can run my fingers through it while shampooing which makes finger detangling easier.
I Wash Her Hair The Sink. Easier to detangle and I avoid putting water in her eyes.

2. After shampooing, I condition with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner. I used this conditioner when I was relaxed but on my natural hair it is a disaster. However in Hushpuppy's hair, it is heaven on earth. (Funny how hair in the same family can be so similar, yet different) I put the conditioner in her hair and use a wide tooth comb to detangle her hair. After detangling I rinse her hair and blot her hair with a towel.

3. What I do next is use an oil (olive or coconut) to seal in some of the moisture from her wash and condition. I will also either use Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Hair Milk or Curl Enhancing Smoothie and style her hair by either cornrowing or banding until I can decide what to do with her hair.
My Little Hushpuppy

In the past I have blown out Hushpuppy's hair making sure to use heat protectant every time (which has only been 3 times). However, it is time consuming and after blowing her hair out once she starts playing, her hair reverts back to what it was and I'm not about to start using heat everyday on her hair. For now the braids and ponytails will suffice. With her cornrows I did use to put beads on the end, but she started taking them out at school and putting them in her mouth which is a NO NO! So I took them out and told her that the beads would come back when she got a bit older and her school lifts the bead ban which is usually when they get to Pre-K.

That is about it for Hushpuppy's hair story. I can so for certain that I do not see a relaxer in Hushpuppy's future due to the fact that with a relaxer, you are limited in styling options. Also I just think getting a relaxer should be a decision that Hushpuppy makes and not me. Feel free to leave a comment on how you style your kid's hair and if you have or every will use heat in their hair and if you feel it is appropriate for kid's to get relaxers. Thanks for reading!

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