Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Attempted to Kill Winston (My Recent Hair Crime)


Hey everybody. Once again I got a little slack on the blogging but not too much lol. Anyway I wanted to talk to you today about my crime against my hair (or as you and I fondly call it Winston). Once again the lure of “Sweet Lady Heat” was too much to bear and I decided to go get my hair blown out. I didn’t go to a Dominican Salon and instead went to the trusty old $10 doobie salon. The style itself was cute but the methods used have me hanging my head in shame. I go on Hairlista. I read hair blogs. I follow YouTube natural channels. I should have known better. I plead guilty to using a sulfate shampoo, not deep conditioning, getting a heat service with no heat protectant, and allowing my hair to be detangled without sectioning and gentleness. I’m a masochist when it comes to beauty. When I was relaxed, I would sit there with tears brimming because I wanted to make sure that my relaxer “took” even though I was sure that the relaxer was burning a hole in my scalp. I’m the one that when the nail technician nicks my cuticle, I just suck it up. Like I’ve said, confrontation is not a strong point of mine and I work at a men’s prison.

Anyway, the urge struck me after a few days that I wanted Marley Twists. I’d watched enough YouTube videos about it and I felt I was ready and besides I wanted a cute style to wear to NYC this weekend. Well in the midst of washing my hair, I noticed the tell tale sign of heat damage. The big sign was that parts of my hair did not revert back to their cute curly selves. Sign number two was that the curls that did go back had a looser texture to them like Dumpling’s. After using a protein treatment (Aphogee 2 minute) and deep conditioning with my Eden Bodyworks, there are still parts that are stick straight. I decided at the end of the month (because that’s when momma gets paid. Okay?) to go to my fave natural salon and have them start the process of getting rid of my straight ends after that I swear NO MORE DIRECT HEAT ON MY HAIR WITHOUT SOME KIND OF HEAT PROTECTANT! I have learned my lesson. If I want a cute sassy straight look there are wigs and weaves. Oh as for the Marley Twists, that’s another tale for another time but suffice to say they were a no go for now as well. In order to disguise the straight pieces of my hair, I’m going to do a “Twist and Curl” and rock that in the BX with my honey and my babies. Stay tuned for my Marley Hair attempt blog and my twist and curl story. 

Until next time....

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