Wednesday, October 9, 2013

One Year Without A Relaxer

It’s been a year since I sat down in a chair and got my hair relaxed. I still can’t believe that one year ago, I had shoulder length hair that blew in the wind and that when I got lazy I could pull up into a bun or ponytail and keep it moving. However all that glitters isn’t really gold. With my relaxed hair, I had to endure a burning scalp and prayers that my hair wouldn’t scab over like it would do so many times. The nights of staring in the mirror nearly in tears because I had to wrestle with new growth and straight ends. The summers that saw me scared to really go swimming because I didn’t want the headache of washing and doing my hair. All that changed after my last relaxer one year ago. I had tried to transition in the past, but was met with the “oooh girl I don’t think I could do it” and “child now you know your hair is too thick for all that”. Not to mention the inner struggle I had with myself that constantly told me that “natural hair is not for you” and “what will your boyfriend say?” It’s funny because now that I’m natural, I reflect on those comments and here are the answers. To the ones that said that they don’t think they could go without a relaxer, I would say to try it because what’s the worst that could happen? To the ones that said my hair is too thick to be natural, I say “Yes it is thick, but it’s real and it’s fabulous”. To the comment I had with myself about what a man would say, I want to tell her that boyfriend became your husband and he loves your afro (I still think my afro has become an aphrodisiac to him but that’s for me to know lol).
Well that’s about it for now. I’m still hanging tough with Winston and I look forward to continuing my natural journey and seeing everything that it has in store for me.

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