Monday, January 27, 2014

I Fought My Marley Twists and Marley Twists Won

To kind of quote Jack Nicholson from the 1989 film Batman, “There’s a name to my pain. And its name is Marley Twists.” Yes I tried to make a go at Marley Twists once again and I was almost at the finish line. I could taste it. I could hear the cheers and the yells. Then it hit me. That wall that always comes out of nowhere like the automatic wall in a Road Runner/Coyote cartoon. I got to a section of hair that just would not twist. I tried everything with this section of hair. I twisted clockwise. I twisted counterclockwise. I added gel and moisturizer and still this section of hair just laughed at me. I would get to the bottom of the twist and as soon as I let go and checked to make sure the twist was secure, it was slip-city. The twist would fall out onto the floor. Finally, I just gave up. I unraveled all my twists, jumped in my car, and drove to the $10 doobie shop and got a blowout. There were many factors working against me in those 24 hours that I started doing the twists. I had relaxed hair sticking out in every direction. The twist and loc gel that I used did not give me much holding power. I was tired. My arms hurt. I was in a rush because I had to work the next day. Yeah I picked the wrong time to attempt my Marley Twists. Am I disappointed? Of course I am because I was almost finished. My twists kind of looked a hot mess because of the straight hair but they didn’t look that bad. Is this something that I will attempt to do again? Of course I will because I refuse to be beaten by this. If so many can do this style (including the self-professed two left handed people) then why can’t I? I do know what I will do next time so that I won’t be cursing and yelling at my hair at 7:00am.

1. I will use a better gel on my hair. I have all that Eco Styler Gel in my hair stash, so I might as well use it. I think that this will help blend my relaxed hair with the Marley hair so that I’m not getting those pieces of stick straight hair poking out all over the place.

2. I will start at a decent time of day, so that I have the energy to complete my hair at one time and if I need to go back over and redo any twists I can. I will not be doing this the day before I have to go to work.

3. I will be doing this on blow dried hair (that’s been freshly washed). I think this will thicken up those stick straight ends so that blending is better.

4. I will make bigger parts and use more hair. While most of the YouTube videos I saw called for at least three pieces of Marley hair, one video I watched called for eight and her end results were phenomenal. She also used bigger parts in her hair, which after she was finished were concealed by the bulk of the twists.

5. I will try a different kind of hair. I used the Janet Collection Noir Synthetic Hair, but maybe I should try another brand and see if that affects the overall look of the twists. I have seen a majority of people use Freetress Equal Marley Hair and Femi Marley Hair, so perhaps I should try those. I may have to order it online because I don’t think any of the BSS in Raleigh have it, but hey I can shop around and look. I’d be remiss if I did not.

Well, there you have it. My adventure in attempting Marley Twist was not what I was hoping for but I can’t give up yet.

Until next time y’all.

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