Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Joined A 30 Day Split End Challenge

Hello my lovlies. In an effort to be more active here and not abandon my blog for months at a time as well as stay in line with my goal of reaching APL by next year, I have joined the 30 Day Split End Challenge that is being hosted by Jen at Just Grow Already and Divachyk at Relaxed Thairapy. Both of these ladies have the most gorgeous and beautiful heads of hair I have ever seen and if I can get close to that, then whatever they are doing I'm down with. It actually started on the first of August, but hey better late than never right?

If there is one thing that my hair is good for, it is splitting from time to time. So while sticking to my Back to Basics mantra of hair care, I will continue to keep my hair moisturized and I will start embracing protective styling again and make sure that I keep my ends covered and protected. I will also try to keep tools out of my hair like my paddle brush because the constant brushing I am doing has to be wrecking my ends. Lastly, I want to get my hair scissors sharpened so that I can "search and destroy" to get rid of splits that I can see. I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my Splitender but who knows with my anniversary coming up, maybe PJ will buy me another one (wink wink hint hint).

Well that's it my beautiful readers. If you are up to the challenge then go over to either Just Grow Already or Relaxed Thairapy and read the rules and sign up. Until next time everybody...

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