Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wash Day (Pre Poo and Cowash and Detangling Oh My!)

I Put My Deep Conditioner in a Talenti Jar

Hey everybody. I'm back with another wash day post for your viewing and reading pleasure. As of today I am 19 weeks post relaxer and I am itching to big chop so bad my eye has started twitching. However, the reason I haven't grabbed the scissors and went to town is because I promised myself that I would make this transition last at least a year. So far I haven't had any major problems with my two textures of hair, but because I am so "hot natured" (I'm the person who wants to cut the AC on in the winter time), my hair is more of an annoyance because there is so much of it and short hair to me means that I will be cooler. Anyway I decided to do some research on any transitioning tips that would keep me going and implemented them into my regimen.

1. PrePoo: I separated my hair into four sections and applied EVCO and Aunt Jackie's In Control Moisturizing and Softening Conditioner. I have had this conditioner sitting around since I got it in a CurlBox last year and while every now and then I would use it in Hushpuppy's hair, I never got a chance to use it in my hair. I like the smell (it was like Fruit Punch) and my hair just ate it up. I let it sit on my hair with a plastic cap while I ate dinner and watched an episode of Lilyhammer on Netflix.

2. Cowash: In the shower, I used Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner while still keeping my hair in the four sections I made. I like this conditioner and the price seals the deal. I may have to start diluting it just to make sure that I can get it down to the scalp good.

3. Deep Condition: After cowashing a section of hair, I applied my makeshift deep conditioner mix from a previous wash day. I have a small amount left and in the process emptied two conditioner bottles so that was a plus. After getting the deep conditioner on my hair, my plan was to go ahead and shower and then rinse the conditioner out because I didn't want to be in and out the shower all night. However, the water started going cold on me (great for my hair, bad for the rest of me). So I cut the shower and water off and finished washing up and then cut everything back on and had warm water to rinse my body and then turned the water to cool to rinse my hair.

4. Leave-Ins and Detangling: For my leave in/detangling combo I used my trusty Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Cream and CON Argan Oil Treatment Serum. I then detangled with a large tooth comb that I got from Walmart. I love this comb and it was my first time using it. My favorite rake comb is just not doing it for me anymore because I feel like it is ripping my hair out instead of navigating the tangles. I also used a smaller but still wide tooth comb to make sure that the tangles were out and then finally went over the section with a Denman Brush.

5. Styling and Moisturizing and Sealing: After detangling I dried my hair a bit on cool using the "tension" method. I don't think I that I will be using the tension method much because I'm just not that coordinated with my hands and with making sure the dryer is pointed correctly to keep my cuticles in line. After drying I used a little more Cantu Leave In to moisturize and sealed with EVCO and put my hair in a bun, put on my satin cap and went to sleep.

All in All this wash day was good. I wasn't as frustrated with my hair as I have been lately and the pre-poo really made a difference. I'm so glad my faith in my transition has been restored.

P.S. Check out the #washdayexperience going on right now at Just Grow Already and Saving Our Strands. Trust me it is all that!!

The Wash Day Experience


  1. Thank God for a smooth wash day! 19 weeks is quite an achievement. Congrats!

  2. Story. Of. My. Life:
    " I don't think I that I will be using the tension method much because I'm just not that coordinated with my hands and with making sure the dryer is pointed correctly."

    I just don't know how Jeni does it soooo friggin effortlessly! #bowdown LOL.

    Thanks for joining us here at the #washdayexperience. And for the record, your blog is definitely FUNNIER than claimed. LOL

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Yes I am still in awe that Jeni can pull it off so effortlessly. And thank you for having the #washdayexperience.

  3. Ah I hate when the water goes cold on me when I'm washing and conditioning my hair in the shower. I do the same thing - turn off the H2O, finish scrubbing down, and turn the water back on hoping it's warm again. I love the cool for my hair, but definitely not for my body...and I am cold natured.
    Congrats on reaching 19 weeks post by the way. I'm sure you will make it to that one year mark!

    1. Thank you. I am definitely more encouraged now to reach the 1 year mark.

  4. Pre-poos rock! We had to replace our water heater recently so I have hot water throughout the entire wash. Before, that wasn't always the case. Burrrr.