Friday, April 8, 2016

Piercings Promotions and Beyond

Hello everyone in blogland. I’m back with just a post on the random (but exciting things) that have been going on in my little corner of the world. 

First of all, a few days ago I did what I thought I would never do. I got pierced for the fourth time. I already have two holes in each ear and a ring in my belly button. So I decided that I wanted to get my “girl’s” pierced. Of course it is out there and crazy but that’s just who I am. I would describe myself as that put together person who has a bit of a wild child streak in me. The experience was kind of cool but awkward. My hubby went with me for moral support and plus he thought the whole idea was hot. My piercing artist was a guy and of course to get my “bubbies” pierced I had to be topless which meant that another man would see the “Raleigh two” lol! Of course Lovey didn’t mind because to him, it was business not personal. The piercing hurt a little but the one thing I noticed is when I got the first one pierced, I felt this rush. Like all the blood in my body warmed up and coursed through my veins. I think it was also adrenaline because my piercer said that he wanted to take advantage of it to pierce the other one. After he was finished I felt so bad ass and wanted to show them off to the world. Of course I didn’t but later that evening when Lovey picked the kids up from school he told them that mommy got some new “earrings”. When Hushpuppy came in the house, she asked “Where are the earrings?” Me not thinking to show them a pair of random earrings, thought Lovey had told them I got pierced. So I did what any normal mother would do. I flashed my children. Yep my kids saw my pierced boobs and promptly began to laugh. Then my mother came by and Hushpuppy told her “Mommy as boobie earrings!” So of course I had to show my mother. She thought it was cool. Not her cup of tea but if I’m happy with it, she is too. Well now that I’ve shared a bit more about me than I expected let’s move on.

I GOT PROMOTED!! Yep I am officially a Correctional Sergeant which means I not only supervise inmates but officers. So far it’s been okay but I just want a bit more to do. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later but until then I’m just happy that one of my goals has been met.

Since I got promoted and have some new “jewelry” I decided that it was time that I took my getting in shape and losing weight seriously. I’ve lost 15 lbs since I declared last year that I needed to lose weight after getting to my heaviest weight ever at 262 lbs after my ankle surgery. So I have purchased a Weight Watchers subscription, a Polar Heart Rate monitor, a couple of pieces of workout clothes and some headphones for music and joined a local gym so I’m ready to go. My goal is to lose at least 75 lbs but I could stand to lose 100 lbs total. Of course I plan on documenting the whole journey which I think will be fun.

So that’s what’s been going on around here. I’ll still be updating on my hair and different products I’ll be trying out on my hair to finally get to my length goal for the year. 

Until then…


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