Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Clairisonic Brushes for only $5.09?!?

Hey everyone. This post is going to be short and sweet and not about hair. If you remember from another post I had been talking about getting my skin in order. I am a 34 year old woman with the skin of a 17 year old. Acne has been the bane of my existence since my first pimple over 20 years ago. I have tried it all from Proactiv to Oil Cleansing and nothing seemed to work. Once I even went to get a facial and the woman doing the facial said that my skin was so clogged that she could have extracted more from just my nose but I only paid for an hour. Yikes!! 

So a few years ago I decided to invest in a Clairisonic Brush because it claimed to clear not only your skin but your pores of any dirt and makeup that just washing your face with your hands can leave behind. While I love my Clairisonic, what I didn't love is having to pay $25 for replacements for the brush heads. They say that they have to be replaced every three months but to me that's a long time and a lot of dirt (even with the weekly cleaning) so I tend to replace my brush heads every month. But as you can gather, $25 a month adds up to $300 a year. That's more than what the brush cost when I bought it! 

So one day while browsing Amazon I stumbled across replacement brush heads that cost $5.09 for three. A two pack of brush head replacements actually retails for $44 at Ulta so I knew I would be saving major money. 

The one draw back that I can think of is that these are not "real" Clarisonic brush heads, but they do fit onto my brush and my skin cannot tell the difference. I suggest that you give them a try if you own a Clarisonic brush but don't want to break the bank when buying replacements. 

Let me know in the comments if you use any of the Clarisonic line of brushes or do you use another kind of face brush in your facial routine.

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