Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I'm Jumping Back In The Natural Pool (Or Winston's Return)

Me Enjoying the Natural Life
Hey everybody! As I was scrolling through Instagram a few days ago, I came across a picture of the most gorgeous natural hair that I have ever seen. Of course I had to double tap that and then a familiar feeling came over me. I started missing my natural hair. If you have been rocking with me for a while then you know that back in 2013 I cut all of my hair off and rocked my natural hair for six months. What made me go back to relaxed? My sweet Lovey scrolling through old pictures of us and coming across one of the two of us and me in my collarbone length relaxed glory. He smiled that goofy smile he smiles and said “I kinda miss your hair like that”. I said “but I can still have hair like that natural”. And he said “I know but I just like your hair the way it used to be.” Now don’t get Lovey wrong, he would love me with hair to my butt and hair so short I have to comb it with a spoon but something about my relaxed locks just had a hold on him. Well around the same time I was getting frustrated with my natural hair because it was in that awkward stage of wanting to be a TWA but not wanting to be and I was getting sick of twist outs. Add to that the fact that I was fighting heat damage after an ill-fated trip to the salon for a blowout and I decided to just go back to relaxed because it was “easier”. 

The Picture That Lovey Loved
After my trip down memory lane on Instagram, I slid over to Hairlista.com and saw a fellow lista mapping out her journey from relaxed to natural hair and I was pleasantly surprised that her regimen was so easy. I was inspired once again. However I know that her journey will not be mine and I shouldn’t expect it to be. So yes ladies and gentlemen I am reviving “Winston”. I have missed what was really the ease of hoping in the shower, washing and conditioning my hair, styling it and going on about my day. None of the having to plan out a wash day in my already cramped schedule just to forget the whole thing when I decided that styling will take too long and I have to go to work. 

Now this transition will be long term but not years and years long. Right now I am projecting at least a year and in that time I expect great things to happen as far as my hair is concerned. What I am most excited for it the chance to perfect my styling to blend my two textures of hair. And don’t worry my beautiful readers; you will be along for the ride.

Until next time...

Have you ever gone from relaxed to natural back to relaxed and now back to natural? (Wow that's a tongue twister!) If so let me know in the comments below.

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